Cypress Lawn Trivia: Match The Product With The Person


Some of the most important mausoleums and memorials at Cypress Lawn are built on the commercial fortunes of certain products. Can you connect the merchandise with the merchant?











potato chips isolated on white background



Hugh McCrum / Gustave Niebaun / Claus Spreckels / Andrew Jackson Pope / William Fuller / Gertrude Atherton /  Raymond Bocci / Charles De Young / Paul Kalmanovitz / Herman Nager / Charles Howard


Answers at end of post


Nobel Chapel-Final



Answers  (in order of product pictures)


Paul Kalmanovitz – The Beer Baron Wholesaler of Northern California

William Fuller – The Fuller Paint Company, still operating

Andrew Jackson Pope (with partner Frederic Talbot, also buried at Cypress Lawn) – Pope And Talbot Lumber Company, still operating

Hugh McCrum – The largest liquor distributor on the West Coast

Charles Howard – First West Coast distributor of Buick (and owner of the race horse, Seabiscuit)

Gertrude Atherton – Novelist

Raymond Bocci – Master cemetery memorial monument maker, located in Colma

Claus Spreckels – The Sugar King

Herman Nager: The Potato Chip King

Gustave Niebaum – Inglenook Wine

Charles De Young – founded with his brother The San Francisco Chronicle


Terry Hamburg, Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation


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