Famous Cypress Lawn Residents: How Did They Perish?


  1. Lincoln Beachey, Aviator
  2. Timothy Phelps, U.S. Congressman
  3.  William Ralston, Entrepreneur and Banker
  4.  David Broderick, First U.S. Senator from California
  5.  Calvin Simmons, first African-American conductor of a major U.S. symphony (Oakland, California)
  6.  King (of William) James, Journalist
  7.  William Randolph Hearst, Journalist


Answers Below




  1. Airplane accident
  2. Struck by a tandem bicycle while walking on El Camino Real
  3. Found drifting in San Francisco Bay after his bank was declared insolvent
  4. Shot in duel by former California Supreme Court Justice David Terry
  5. Drowned at age 42.
  6. Shot unarmed in the street by a political enemy, San Francisco Supervisor James P. Casey
  7. Quietly in bed at age 88.


Terry Hamburg, Cypress Lawn Memorial Park

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