Mosaic Tableaux at Cypress Lawn


Cremated remain niches use many forms of fronts: stone, bronze, open faced…and tiled. Cypress Lawn has two tile pictorial wall niche displays, each tile made of a multitude of tiny pieces, representing one-of-a-kind works in mosaic funerary art. Both are on the West Campus near one another in the Garden of Light and the Garden of Serenity. Each niche spot can accommodate two cremated remains.

There are one hundred and forty niches in this tableau


20160901_104615Thirty six niche spots make up this landscape scene


Terry Hamburg, Cypress Lawn  Heritage Foundation

One thought on “Mosaic Tableaux at Cypress Lawn

  1. I am looking for the location of Chauncey Hatch Phillips.
    Death Mar 1902 (aged 64). Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, San Mateo County, California, USA.

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