Q: Estate Planning Help

A: Can Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation help me get my estate plan done?

Yes. You can instantly access our basic introduction to estate planning in our clear and concise video series, Estate Planning Help. The series takes you through the pros and cons of probate, wills, living trusts, advance health care directives, and other basic estate planning tools. Or you can download a computer friendly version of our Estate Planning Organizer now.

Effective estate planning usually takes time, effort and a good attorney. In the end your plan will allow your family to avoid the delay, dissension and needless expense that often occurs when a loved one dies without a Will. Once you have taken care of your family’s needs, please consider a thoughtful bequest to the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation.

To order a hard copy of the estate planning organizer or request a computer friendly version sent to you by email, call 650-550-8812 or email  Terry Hamburg