Q: Gift Annuity Rates

A: Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation Gift Annuity Program

The Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation gift annuity program appeals to those who prefer predictable payments to variable income.  A Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation gift annuity provides fixed guaranteed payments to donors along with the satisfaction of making a significant future gift to The Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation.  Annuity rates vary with age. The older you are, the higher your rate. Payments once establish remain the same for life.


 Current Rates













*Rates in force as of January 1, 2014 Rates differ for two-life annuities.

*Annuity rates change from time-to-time.  Those listed and the example given may understate or overstate the actual rates in place.  For an estimate of your rate and deduction, confidentially provided, call the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation planned giving specialist Phil Murphy at 415-457-7482 or email Phil.

An Example: Mary Richards, age 75, funds a $10,000 charitable gift annuity contract to benefit the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation.  Her annuity payment is 5.8% of her gift, giving her an annual guaranteed payment for life of $580.  $476 of her payment is tax-free for twelve years.  She also receives an immediate income tax deduction of $4,102.