Q: Why Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation?

A: Why does the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation need planned gifts?

The inevitable effects of time on the art and architecture of Cypress Lawn’s outdoor and indoor museum, and even its arboretum, have become increasingly apparent. Through natural decay and degradation due to air pollution, vibration, and other man-made phenomenon, the oldest and most fragile monuments at the cemetery are most at risk and least provided for in terms of endowment care. In order to maintain the many non-endowed monuments to our California pioneers, the non-profit Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation was created. Bequests to the Foundation are essential to insure the future of the arboretum and the monuments of Cypress Lawn. They will come  from the estates of those who wish to preserve the sculptural, arboreal and architectural treasures that honor the individuals and families who shaped California’s history. For more information, call 650-550-8812 or email Terry Hamburg.