Memberships & Rewards



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Memberships & Rewards

{Any rewards gift is transferable to another party}

Level 1:  Annual Donation of $25


  • A yearly subscription to the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation Newsletter.
  • 10% discount at Colma Flower Shop.
  • Mailed invitations to all the regular tours, lectures, and special events.

Level 2:  Annual Donation of $50

Rewards: All of the above rewards plus

  • City of Souls: San Francisco’s Necropolis at Colma by Michael Svanevik & Shirley Burgett. ($16.95 value)

Level 3:  Annual Donation of $100

Rewards: All of the above rewards plus

  • DVD: Colma: A Journey of Souls by Michael Svanevik. ($24 value)

Level 4: Annual Donation of $250

Rewards: All of the above rewards plus

  • Our centennial color photography book, Cypress Lawn: Guardian of California’s Heritage. ($49.95 value)
  • General Genealogical Inquiry for one person buried at Cypress Lawn: Staff will attempt to answer all questions, such as birth and death dates, location of the deceased in the cemetery and provide miscellaneous other information such as birthplace, place of death, age of the individual at the time of death, attending funeral home and an obituary, if available. ($25 value) This, like all gifts, is transferable.

Level 5: Annual Donation of $500

Rewards: All of the above rewards plus

  • A private Trolley Tour of Cypress Lawn for you and up to 23 guests at the time of your choice on any subject you choose, followed by refreshments and a question & answer session (a $250 value). Led personally by docent Terry Hamburg, Director of the Heritage Foundation and docent at Cypress Lawn for twelve years.

Level 6: Annual Donation of $1000

Rewards: All of the above awards plus

  • A complimentary in-home appraisal of your antiques and collectibles, especially relevant for those who might contemplate giving tangible property as donations, but this gift is not restricted to such intentions. You will be visited by Terry Hamburg, who conducts the Antiques Appraisal Days at Cypress Lawn (a $250 value). This gift, as with all gifts, may be transferred to another.

For those donations that exceed $1000, please contact Terry Hamburg, Director of Development, Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation for details regarding “Thank You” rewards.




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Terry Hamburg – Director of Development, Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation

To receive a Mail-In Donation form or to talk to Terry personally about any aspect of giving, call 650.550.8812 or email Terry Hamburg