Private Tours

Experiencing Cypress Lawn Like Never Before

Over the past century, Cypress Lawn’s Memorial Park has expanded to four different campuses. With so much to see and do, now’s a better time than ever to take a walking or trolley tour to explore our expansive grounds! Step aboard our treasured Cypress Lawn Trolley or lace up your walking shoes for a docent-led history tour. We offer paid custom tours throughout the year and free tours once a month. Dates and times vary and are listed on our Events page, along with other paid tours like our unique Wine Tour featuring lunch, raffles, and socializing.

Designing Your Custom Tour

We customize our private group tours for every group, according to whether visitors prefer a trolley or walking tour, how long they’d like it to be (anywhere from 1.5-3 hours), and which aspects of Cypress Lawn will be highlighted on the tour. Our private tours are designed for a minimum of seven people and a maximum of 24. Walking tours can accommodate more guests, depending on the needs of your group. Private tours are priced at $25 per person, with a $175 minimum donation required. Following your private tour, each participant will be given a prize, from a complimentary copy of the second edition of Pillars of the Past, the definitive book on the history of Cypress Lawn, to a gift card.

Signing Up for a Private Tour

If you would like more information about scheduling a trolley tour, please contact us at or for tree tour information.

Simply fill out the form below to request a tour.

Two individuals at Cypress