Every November, in the seasonal celebration of life that is Arboretum Day, we plant trees here at Cypress Lawn.  In the Golden State, here in California where our Mediterranean climate is dry all summer long, autumn is just the right time to establish plants in the soil and foster the future of our living collection.  With this intention, we may ally with the rains of Mother Nature to help us with watering in new additions to the growing diversity of trees throughout the Arboretum.

This season, with our 4th annual fall celebration of tree planting, you are invited to learn and grow right along with us, fostering kinship with the wooden ones!  Connect with our team of Arboretum Allies, visit champion trees of our East entry lawn and companions of the same species we’ve planted in their lee, witness the wonder of life that is all around us at this beloved Memorial Park, and experience the life-long learning potential that trees offer us, when we only give them our attention.  First and foremost, have fun!   Remember, there is always another tree story to tell…

RSVP information for Arboretum Day may be found here, as well as a special invitation to join us for the inaugural “Speaking for the Trees” ceremonial address, by Arboretum Director Josh Gevertz.