• Notable Residents

    Learn more about the notable residents at Cypress Lawn.

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  • Stained Glass

    Stained Glass

    Explore one of the largest collections of stained glass in North America.

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  • Dancing on the Brink of the World

    Follow along with the ongoing global story of our namesake tree at Cypress Lawn Arboretum, the Monterey cypress.

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  • Virtual Tree Tour

    This virtual interactive map tour — through images, video content, and these words — will introduce you to several of our finest tree specimens, from our namesake California native, the Monterey cypress, to exotic flora from half the world away.

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  • Arboretum Video Gallery

    From short documentary films to recaps of fun events we've hosted at Cypress Lawn Arboretum, we've compiled all of the latest video content we've produced in one place for you to enjoy.

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