Not Just a Cemetery:
An Unparalleled Piece of California History

Cypress Lawn represents the political, economic, and cultural history of the American West.

Some of the most prominent and powerful families in San Francisco and California are laid to rest within these magnificent grounds, along with monuments, art, and mausoleums you cannot find anywhere else.

This oasis of peace and tranquility came to life in 1892 thanks to founder Hamden Holmes Noble. At that time, the City of San Francisco was becoming inhospitable to cemeteries. Eventually, city officials passed a law to “evict” the dead from San Francisco. This included thousands of souls who were buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery, who were later reinterred at Cypress Lawn.

Noble knew there had to be a better way, and he began researching rural and lawn park examples of cemeteries along the East Coast. The legacy he built at Cypress Lawn included over 150 acres within view of the San Bruno Mountains, including beautiful gardens and trees (some of which are still on our property today).

Preserving Our Past for Future Generations

The Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation was created to ensure the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of this important landmark representing California and Bay Area culture. We need funding to preserve and restore the pieces of art that call our Memorial Park home.

We believe that Cypress Lawn is a special place to share with our Bay Area neighbors as well. For this reason, funds supporting the Heritage Foundation also go toward our educational programming for guests of all ages.